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As a subsidiary of the development dimension of Medis which is in fact one of its most fundamental activity dimensions, E-Tech is in charge of designing and developing software, hardware and robotic products. It was initially launched in 2001 as a research organization following the ultimate goal of undertaking activities in the fields of design and development of software and robotic prototypes. Later, by obtaining the first place in IEEE ROMAN 2006, METU 2007, and IJRCS 2009 E-Tech became globally famous, with the Persian language webmail of Squaremail and DaemonEX controller for Fedora kernel.


Medis provides commercial services in the contexts of trade, exports and imports of allowed goods, clearance of goods from domestic and foreign customs, international transportation and participation in international exhibitions and conferences. In an attempt to provide the mentioned services, Ravis Commerce was launched, which is because of its centralized management, expert experienced staff, and robust communications able to cover any commercial operation in the shortest time. The febrifuge gel pad of Coolino, a professional product imported by Ravis is usually put on the forehead, the face, or the neck in order to reduce fever and help with treating heatstroke. This product’s creative design allows it to commence cooling and remedying pain and inflation. Another specialized good imported by Ravis is PICC Line which is a highly thready and flexible plastic tube that is usually inserted into the body through a peripheral vein for long-term injection of drugs such as in chemotherapy and antibiotic therapy. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier in the text Ravis also undertakes activities in the field of trade an example of which is the Robo 123 website that provides a wide range of robotic equipment, embedded systems and the entire hardware and robotic products of Medis as well.


Medis believes that in the current era of economic competitions, financial and accounting information are considered as the most important decision making base for firms. Since obtaining access to the mentioned information would not be possible unless a team of expert accountants and financial advisors are associated with, Radin Finance has been launched by Medis benefiting from experienced experts in the fields of accounting, auditing, finance, tax affairs and insurance in an attempt to implement and qualitatively improve the accounting and financial information systems of institutes, firms, and factories.


In the current ultra-industrialized world, the new order governing social and commercial interactions has created a new set of requirements for both real and legal entities. In an attempt to satisfy these requirements Medis has established Vandaad legal office which incorporates experienced and authentic attorneys to undertake activities in the contexts of preparing and setting domestic and international contracts, completing the required correspondences for international contracts, undertaking registration affairs, intellectual property, and immigration affairs as well.


Aiming to provide education possibility at both national and international levels, granting educational subsidies and scholarships, and providing startup aids, Medis has established Noyan charity as an action sourcing from the high-held incentive of helping the mankind. Noyan is a private non-political and non-governmental charity that operates relying on the incomes generated by various dimensions of scientific and commercial activities of Medis.


With respect to the results of studies conducted on efficiency of taught materials in the current university system pointing to inability of graduates of most fields to enter the labor market, with a thought of interlinking industry and academy Medis tends to propose a new method of industry-oriented education which not only flattens the mentioned issue, but also results in a more desirable efficiency in terms of performance and commerce. In this regard Medis has made an effort to establish the academy of Saran which currently covers the vocational institute of Saran and Saran University of Science and Technology. Go to website...


Nowadays, advertising which plays the role of an instrument that accelerates the movement of products from the point of production to consumption has become one of the most determining variables in success of every business. Therefore Medis has committed itself to enter this domain relying the most up-to-date advertising and marketing knowledge along with a team of experienced experts so that in a way similar to its activities in other dimensions, it can provide its services to the community in the dimension of advertising as well. In this regard, Medis has launched Polaris with the aim of providing services such as advertising consultation, branding, visual identity designing, brand book designing, logo designing, website development, management of social networks, and starting and managing online and offline advertising campaigns.